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Spaceships turns to Bridgestone for out of this world benefits

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Prominent campervan rental agency Spaceships continues to turn to Bridgestone tyres for exceptional value, nationwide support and long-lasting tyres for its New Zealand fleet.

Spaceships operates a fleet of more than 500 Toyota Estima campervans from its bases in Auckland and Christchurch, with the majority of vans utilising Bridgestone's Supercat tyres.

Positioned as the 'Swiss Army Knife' of campervans, Spaceships' range features a number of different models to ensure customers' luxury and price considerations are catered to, while the use of Supercat tyres ensure a comfortable ride and provide the business with value for money.

"We trialled other brands before committing to Bridgestone and struggled to get 40,000km from a set of tyres, whereas the Supercats give good mileage with comfort," a spokesperson for Spaceships said.

"Supercats provide fantastic wear and tear over their life and deliver great mileage. We are easily getting a 25 per cent increase to traveling distance from a set, which is great when you consider the quality of New Zealand roads."

While New Zealand is renowned for its abundance of picturesque locations, they often require faring the country's twisty, bumpy and noisy roads. Spaceships chooses Supercats for their noise reducing and ride quality features.

"New Zealand roads are not the best and many of our customers are driving on windy roads but the Supercat has a good sidewall thickness that provides a quiet and comfortable ride. We have full confidence our tyres stand up to the abuse rental cars sometimes endure," Spaceships added.

"Supercat is a great, value for money tyre. We could spend less but that would mean compromising on ride quality, and there is nothing worse than driving on what feels like concrete tyres. These tyres are a cost effective solution that provide the characteristics we look for."

Spaceships offers unlimited kilometres on all its rentals, allowing its customers to roam New Zealand freely. As a precaution, the company replaces tyres on its vans well before the legal limit to ensure customers' safety, highlighting the importance of a quality but economically viable tyre choice.

"Spaceships is focussed on safety and customer satisfaction. We replace our tyres at the 3mm tread mark, well before they are at the legal limit, to ensure our customers' peace of mind," said Spaceships.  

With 183 Bridgestone Select and Bridgestone Tyre Centre locations throughout New Zealand, Spaceships has the assurance its vehicles have access to tyre replacement or repairs no matter where the customer takes the van.

"Bridgestone gives us full coverage throughout New Zealand if there are any issues. We have road side assistance available for our customers, but Bridgestone's network gives us the flexibility to have tyre replacement done anywhere in the country."

Bridgestone offers a complete range of car, 4x4, SUV and truck and bus tyres for fleets of all sizes.

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