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Bandag Continues to Build its Future on the 'Built for Better' Philosophy

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  • Bandag re-emphasises its focus on providing quality retreads to the Australian and New Zealand market.
  • Bridgestone continues to invest in Bandag process with technology upgrades focused on quality and efficiency, in line with the Bridgestone E8 Commitment.
  • Customer confidence in choosing Bandag retreads bolstered by the unmatched 'Bandag Assurance Warranty'.
  • Commitment to quality assurance ingrained in the highly experienced Bandag team.

BRISBANE, Queensland (12 September 2022) — Australia's market leader for retread solutions, Bandag, continues to go from strength to strength as the company celebrates the 60th anniversary of local manufacturing, reaffirming its position as a safe, reliable, cost effective and sustainable business solution.

Reliability is one of Bandag's core propositions and the company continues to build on its 'Built for Better' philosophy that was launched in 2017. The local Bandag team has worked tirelessly to ensure that this philosophy is ingrained in its operations and has continued to bolster the quality of locally produced retreads.

Bandag is so confident in its quality and reliability, the product is backed by an unmatched 'Bandag Assurance Warranty' – which not only covers the replacement of the retread, but also any damage to a vehicle caused from the highly unlikely event of a retread failure.

According to Bridgestone Australia & New Zealand's General Manager of Retread Business, Greg Nielsen, the tide is turning for the reputation of retreads and it's being championed by Bandag.

" We are improving sentiment towards retreads in some sections of the market by delivering high quality products and services that show Bandag retreads are a safe, reliable, cost-effective business solution," Mr Nielsen said.

"We back our products, and we back the Bandag process. Operators should seriously consider the benefits that Bandag retreads offer their business, and the Bandag Assurance Warranty is a reflection of the complete confidence they can have in Bandag.

"There's a reason Bandag retreads are trusted by New Zealand and Australia's largest fleets. Bandag's reputation is cemented as a cost-effective alternative to new tyres and are just as reliable as new Bridgestone tyres.

"Our new assurance offering has been implemented to ensure that Australian and New Zealand trucking operators can have complete peace of mind in retreads as they realise the benefits as a sustainable business solution. This is also one of the ways we are demonstrating the values of the Bridgestone E8 Commitment," he added.

Bridgestone has continued to invest in the Wacol tread factory and the network of eight company owned retread factories across Australia and New Zealand, not just on sustainable initiatives to increase environmental stewardship and material circularity, but to enhance quality assurance and efficiency of the process.

"We continue to benefit from ongoing investment from Bridgestone into the Bandag business to further strengthen our retread performance – from improving wear life by leveraging the latest Bridgestone technologies, to advancements in the manufacturing process and the highest of quality control," Mr Nielsen said.

"This investment ultimately benefits our customers and provides even greater peace of mind that Bandag retreads are built for durability and quality. Retreads of last century may have been a cheap, lower quality option, but through enhanced processes and technology, Bandag retreads have evolved to a status of safe, reliable, economical and sustainable."

Evidence of quality control and the advanced manufacturing process can be found here in Australia at Bandag's Queensland factory, with all casings that come through the Bandag factory put through a strict program of tests ensure their suitability for retreading as well as rigorous quality checks throughout the process.

In recent years, the commitment to quality has seen the installation of state-of-the-art splice matching builders throughout the network, automatically applying tread so it is straight, centred on the casing and the end splices match to millimetre precision.

The automated splice machine is in addition to the shearography technology and automated buffing machines. Advanced shearography testing minimises the risk of blowouts by finding defects in the tyre casing before tyres return to service, while cold-curing technology ensures that the bonding process doesn't cause rubber breakdown due to heat exposure.

This investment into the Bandag process also extends to creating more efficient workflows, headlined by the upgrade of the factory's hot-feed extruder. The enhancement to the extruder allows the machine to operate between 50-100 per cent.

As well as being a quicker process, the new machinery is also helping the factory reduce waste material. The more efficient extruder means the material exits at a lower speed, in turn benefitting the quality of the finished product.

"Bandag Australia benefits from strong leadership under Bridgestone and the ongoing investment in new technology, research and development and measures to ensure we remain viable despite costs increasing for local manufacturers," Mr Nielsen added.

Another core strength for Bandag is the wealth of retread experience within the business. Across Australia and New Zealand, Bandag employs more than 200 staff throughout the Wacol tread factory and company owned retread plants, with an average tenure of 10 years across the business.

The team also features several members who have been with the company for multiple decades, including Bandag stalwarts who have built retreads for more than 30 years.

"We're fortunate to have great people within our business who are passionate about retreading and delivering on our commitment to safe and reliable products," Mr Neilsen said.

"It's this combination of technology, process, commitment and people that sets Bandag apart, and allows us to focus on quality. A brand is a promise, and our promise to the market with Bandag is Built for Better, and we will continue to back our products through the Bandag Assurance Warranty."
Bandag retreads are a core component of Bridgestone's commercial product mix, complementing the range of Bridgestone and Firestone drive, steer and trailer tyres with equivalent retreaded products, including low rolling resistance compound options.

About the Bridgestone E8 Commitment:

The Bridgestone E8 Commitment was launched this year, committed to creating value through  Bridgestone-like 'purpose' and 'process', together with employees, society, its partners, and customers to realise a sustainable society. This will serve as the axis to drive management while earning the trust of future generations.

Made up of eight values: Energy, Ecology, Efficiency, Extension, Economy, Emotion, Ease and Empowerment, the Bridgestone E8 Commitment is designed to create purpose and process for the company, partners and customers towards the development of a more sustainable society.

About Bridgestone Australia & New Zealand:

Bridgestone is a global leader in tyres and rubber, and is building on its expertise to provide solutions for safe and sustainable mobility.  In Australasia, Bridgestone Australia & New Zealand. offers a range of services and solutions to all segments of the Australian market to deliver social value and customer value. Bridgestone’s extensive range of quality tyres is complemented by the provision of mechanical and fleet services through the company’s nationwide retail network of Bridgestone Select, Bridgestone Service Centres and Bridgestone Tyre Centres, mobile service provider Lube Mobile, and the manufacturing and sale of quality retreads through Bandag Pty Limited. Bridgestone offers a diverse product portfolio of premium tyres and advanced solutions backed by innovative technologies, improving the way people around the world move, live, work and play.

Greg Neilsen: GM Retread Business (Bandag), Bridgestone Australia & New Zealand
Greg Neilsen
Sreepad Karanaman: VP Sustainability Strategy & CSR, Bridgestone China Asia Pacific
Sreepad Karanam
Stefano Parisi: Solutions Director, Bridgestone Australia & New Zealand
Stefano Parisi
Heath Barclay: Managing Director, Bridgestone Australia & New Zealand
Heah Barclay