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Hi-Trans Express Logs Record Mileage on Bridgestone M866

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  • Hi-Trans Express records best-ever result from drive tyres on new M866.
  • Introduction of new tyre sees five to ten per cent better mileage for linehaul routes.
  • Longevity of M866 contributes to efficiency improvements across Hi-Trans Express fleet.

 ADELAIDE, South Australia (28 February 2022) — National freight provider Hi-Trans Express is reaping the efficiencies of the Bridgestone M866, with the new drive tyre exceeding mileage expectations across linehaul operations and lowering costs, off-road downtime, and their environmental footprint.

M866 has delivered on its promise of industry-leading operating life, with Hi-Trans Express recording a staggering 364,688km from a set. Another set of M866 tyres involved in the trials were also projected to have a life of 360,000km and beyond.

The net result of Hi-Trans Express' experience with M866 is an average of five to ten per cent improvement over the former class champion M766, and more than 20 per cent compared to its nearest competitor.

According to National Workshop Manager at Hi-Trans Express, Andy Mickan, there were high expectations for the M866 based on the performance of the M766, but the results were astonishing.

"These are the best tyres we've ever run. I've only got positive things to say since we started running them," he said.

"The M766 was a very good tyre overall, but we've never seen results like we have from the M866. We've always been a fan of Bridgestone's products, but this is simply the best out there."

The M866 was engineered specifically for Australia, with Bridgestone Australia's local Technical Field Services team taking the lead on the development to ensure the new tyre met the demands of our market. It was then proven with over 13 million kilometres of testing by Australian customers to validate the design concept.

Hi-Trans Express was one of ten customers to conduct extensive real-world testing of the M866, contributing around 1.2 million km of data to the development including direct comparisons with the predecessor model and the competitor's product. The trial was conducted on their Adelaide to Sydney return and Adelaide to Emmdale return linehaul runs. 

Hi-Trans Express' results of five to ten per cent better wear life are in line with similar linehaul route mileage improvements.

The business has more than 50 years of experience and operates an Australia-wide national road transport network with a linehaul fleet of Kenworth and Mercedes Actros prime movers. The fleet regularly runs between its company depots in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Broken Hill, Townsville and Melbourne, agents in Perth, Darwin and Hobart, and customers throughout the country.

Hi-Trans Express is committed to operating a carbon neutral linehaul fleet by 2025 and are actively investigating ways to reduce their environmental footprint with operational efficiencies, such as those that the M866 provide through extended wear life, and low carbon alternatives.

The company maximises its investment in tyres through a meticulous Total Tyre Management program, ensuring its fleet runs at the optimal pressures for safety, efficiency and tyre lifespan.

"We keep track of every part on our trucks to evaluate cost per km, and ensure we are maintaining our fleet with longevity in mind," added Mr Mickan.

"The ability to keep our trucks on the road with less tyre changes is obviously a benefit for us, and we've never seen tyre lifespan like this before."

M866 was introduced as the successor to both the M766 drive tyre, as well as the off-road skewed M722 product – combining the industry leading mileage of the M766 with the durability and versatility of the M722.

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Bridgestone M866 Drives Durability and Versatility For Australian Trucks
Australia's leading truck tyre supplier, Bridgestone, has bolstered the capability and versatility of its drive tyre range with the introduction of the M866 – designed and engineered specifically for local conditions.