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Firestone's bolstered 4x4 range brings new dependable options

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Firestone is set to make a resurgence in the off-road segment of the market with the launch the Destination M/T2 'maximum traction' and the Firestone Transforce A/T2 all-terrain tyres.

The two additions will provide even more choice for Australian off-road enthusiasts by offering new, dependable and value for money options in the 4x4 market, and complementing the existing line of Destination A/T tyres.

According to Bridgestone Australia's Sales Director, Heath Barclay, the expansion of Firestone's range helps to complete the overall off-road line up.

"The launch of the Destination MT/2 and Transforce AT/2 are important in the expansion of the Firestone brand in Australia. These new products allow us to cater to even more makes and models of 4x4s, and complement the Bridgestone Dueler range with new choices and sizes," Mr Barclay said.

"The enthusiast 4x4 sector has its own complexities with wheels and tyres being one of the first modifications to be carried out, thereby creating a vast array of sizes that need to be met across all-terrains and mud-terrains. The Firestone range assists in achieving the wide range we need to provide."

The first of the new products, the Destination M/T2 has been introduced as a rugged and durable 'maximum traction' product, engineered to stand up in low grip situations thanks to its aggressive tread design and sturdy construction.

M/T2's tread features mud and stone rejection technology to ensure debris doesn't stay lodged in the tyre and helps achieve its maximum usable life, while the additional biting edges deliver traction in slick and wet environments.

With a hardwearing compound, Destination M/T2 goes the distance without compromising on performance and grip, while the three-ply sidewall construction and upper sidewall lugs provide excellent resistance to chips, tears and penetration.

With an initial line up covering seven sizes from 15-18 inches, the Firestone Destination M/T2 delivers strong results in all performance characteristics, including: dry and wet handling, off road performance, wear life, as well as on‑road comfort and noise levels.

"Firestone Destination MT/2 is a valuable addition to the range, and provides a new option for enthusiasts," Mr Barclay added.  

Meanwhile, introduction of the Transforce A/T2 strengthens Firestone's all-terrain existing line up. With an initial offering of seven sizes, all in light-truck construction, the Transforce A/T2 sees new sizes offered in the Firestone range.

Transforce AT/2 utilises a cut and chip resistant compound that delivers durability both on and off the road, while its tread design provides a long-wear life and consistent performance in all conditions.

With an aggressive shoulder for off road capability, and deep grooves for water evacuation, Transforce AT2 provides safe, dependable handling for both on and off road conditions.

"Transforce AT/2 sees new sizes introduced to the Firestone range and complements the existing all-terrain Firestone product," Mr Barclay said.

"These two new products highlight the role Firestone plays in Bridgestone's overall product offering and are a sign of things to come for the brand in Australia," he added.

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