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Bridgestone creates thought provoking visualisation of 'four handprints' concept through social content

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Australia's most trusted tyre brand has launched an evocative piece of social media content that highlights just how much contact a car has with the road – merely four handprints worth of tread.

The grungy video serves as an engaging and visual representation of the four patches of car tyres that make contact with the road, by contrasting four individual, black handprints within a white square, representing the average size of a car, painted on a warehouse wall.

Titled 'Handprints', the social media content complements Bridgestone's 'You're in safe hands' core brand campaign that was originally launched in 2014 and then revitalised in 2017.

According to Bridgestone Australia's Sales Director, Heath Barclay, the piece was created to drive home the message to a younger audience, with an aesthetic different to anything the brand has done before.

"The message that just one handprint of tread, per tyre makes contact with the road has become common knowledge since the launch of our 'safe hands' campaign, but it's difficult to comprehend this until you see the relationship with the size of a car," Mr Barclay said.

"This clip carries a powerful message in a visually engaging way that is ideal for an online audience. It provides context to the relationship between the size of a vehicle and the four contact patches that make the difference between having grip and not."

Bridgestone understands the importance of instilling road safety messaging in younger motorists and soon to be drivers. Through its partnership across Australia & New Zealand with leading Road Safety Education program, RYDA, Bridgestone aims to help create safer roads by supporting initiatives that reinforce good driving behaviours and attitudes.

"One of the ways we can support the improvement of road safety is reinforcing the importance of tyres to all motorists. This piece of content is a new take on our core message that is effective in getting that message across," Mr Barclay added.

The 'Handprints' video can be viewed on the Bridgestone Australia Facebook channel, as well as an insight video of the concept's creation.