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Bandag backs 'Built For Better' Tagline with Bolstered Warranty

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  • Bridgestone enhances its warranty for Bandag retreads in New Zealand with the launch of 'Bandag Assurance'.
  • The new warranty demonstrates quality assurance of all Bandag products.
  • Continual investment in Bandag processes sees ongoing quality improvements and environmental benefits.

AUCKLAND, New Zealand (16 November , 2021) — Leading retread producer, Bandag, is giving New Zealand truck operators even more reason to put their trust in its range of quality products with a strengthened warranty offering called 'Bandag Assurance'.

Under Bandag Assurance, retreads produced in Bandag's NZ factories are now covered by a 100 per cent replacement warranty*, for any retread failing as a result of a manufacturer fault. Regardless of the brand of casing, or the remaining legal life, this improved customer offering replaces the previous pro-rata warranty.

The move is in line with ongoing enhancements and upgrades in the manufacturing process, and further investment in new machinery, both in the pre-cure tread factory in Brisbane, Australia, and at New Zealand's three retread factories in Auckland, Rotorua and Christchurch.

According to Bridgestone's Director of New Zealand Business, John Staples, the new assurance warranty is underpinned by Bridgestone and Bandag's commitment to quality.

"We back our products, and we back the Bandag process. Operators should seriously consider the benefits that Bandag retreads offer their business and the new Bandag Assurance Warranty is a reflection of the full confidence that they should have when choosing Bandag," Mr Staples said.

"There's a reason Bandag retreads are trusted by New Zealand and Australia's largest fleets. Bandag's reputation is cemented as a cost-effective alternative to new tyres and are just as reliable as new Bridgestone tyres. Retreads also provide an environmentally friendlier product choice for businesses looking to improve their own environmental impact."
A Bandag retread recycles truck tyre casings that would otherwise end up at the end of their life and in many instances, cases can be retreaded over and over again. On average, a Bandag retread uses around 31 per cent of the oil it takes to produce a new tyre, as well as significantly less energy and water, highlighting just some of the environmental benefits of choosing Bandag.

In New Zealand, Bandag imports pre-cured tread from the Brisbane, Australia factory and completes the retreading process locally. Through this process, tyres are subjected to numerous checks, taking place prior to the process commencing, throughout the process and before being returned to customers or entering Bridgestone's sales channels.

Over the past few years, Bridgestone's significant investment in Bandag has seen upgrades across the network, further bolstering the company's productivity and quality. Across the New Zealand factories, investment has seen increased use of shearography machines, which uses laser technology to identify anomalies in the case – similar to an x-ray, as well as the introduction of automated splice machines to deliver millimetre precision when joining the two ends of a tread together.

"Bandag retreads play a significant role in reducing a fleets' impact on the environment, because it sees less tyre casings entering the waste stream, and less resources needed in their production," Mr Staples added.

"Our new assurance offering has been implemented to ensure that New Zealand trucking operators can have complete peace of mind in retreads as they realise the benefits they provide to the bottom line, and the environment."

Bridgestone's continued investment into Bandag is key to achieving its mid-long term global environmental targets in reducing C02 emissions, increasing the use of sustainable materials in production, reducing waste and reducing water reliance.

*Tyre must have been roadworthy at the time of failure. Conditions apply

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