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Bridgestone introduces Zip payment options

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Bridgestone is providing customers with more convenience for tyre purchases and auto service expenses with the launch of Zip's 'own it now, pay later, interest free' options at Bridgestone Select and Bridgestone Service Centre locations throughout Australia.
Zip offers two 'own it now, pay later, interest free' options - Zip Pay for purchases less than $1000, and Zip Money for $1000 and more, with both offerings available to Bridgestone customers. 
According to Bridgestone Australia's Sales Director, Heath Barclay, the introduction of Zip's payment options gives customers more choice and flexibility.
"Customers want options when they make retail purchases, and Bridgestone is pleased to provide them with flexible payment options, which is bolstered by the introduction of Zip Pay and Zip Money," Mr Barclay said.
"Tyres and auto servicing can be an unexpected expense, and flexible payment options like Zip make these costs much more manageable and allow customers to pay on their terms. It's another example of Bridgestone Select and Bridgestone Service Centre's commitment to delivering on customer expectations."
Zip Pay and Zip Money sees customers download a smartphone app and apply for an account for purchases through a simple process taking just a few minutes. Once approved, they opt to pay using Zip and complete the transaction in store using the app. 
Customers then pay off the transaction through Zip, taking advantage of the flexible repayment structure and allowing them to vary their repayment amount and frequency as long as it meets the minimum repayment.
For Zip Pay users, there is no interest charged, and a flat $6 fee for each month there is an account balance, while Zip Money customers are able to enjoy six months interest free for the same monthly fee.
As the platform is account based, not transaction based, Zip users are able to use their account at any of the 15,000 merchants throughout Australia.
"Zip is excited to be partnering with Bridgestone. Bridgestone is a global brand and is well known across our customer base. This partnership gives our customers the ability to manage their budget, own the product now, smoothing the payments over time with their flexible repayment schedule," said Zip Chief Operating Officer, Peter Gray.

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